Blockchain Legal Services

Blockchain Legal Services

Companies working with distributed ledger and blockchain technology have increased, so have the legal needs. Governments agencies and ad-hoc committees are constantly developing rules and regulations as to address the legal issues as they arise and regulate this innovative and emerging technological advancement. Our firm can provide blockchain legal services and guidance for blockchain companies in regards to, inter alia, fundraising, Initial Coin offerings, crypto-exchange listing, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). ongoing support.

Launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in Cyprus

Before launching a successful ICO it is required to have a vigorous legal and financial setup. Our experienced Lawyers have a keen understanding of this modern and innovative form of raising capital, as well as the regulatory background to tackle any issues that may arise around it. 

Our firm offers a full spectrum of legal services related to Initial Coin Offerings and cryptocurrency matters. The Success of an ICO depends on various factors, the legal assessment being the most important. Although the Blockchain industry may seem quite unregulated, when dealing with other people’s funds, it is crucial to make sure that the ICO is fully compliant with the laws and regulations around it. 

Our advisory team can come handy as to avoid any legal issues that can compromise the entire activities. 

ICO Roadmap

What we do?

Our firm’s specialist blockchain advisers can assist you in the following, but not limited to:


Whitepaper Legal Assessment


Corporate & Tax

Token Model Advisory

ICO Agreements


Regulatory Advisory

Intellectual Property

Merchant Account Opening



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