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Intellectual Property Structuring & Exploitation

We have extensive experience in the structuring of intellectual property management activities. Whatever the intellectual property is and wherever it is utilised, we design and implement the most efficient structures for the effective management of the products of our clients’ ingenuity. Our advice often focuses on structuring cross-border royalty flows to ensure minimal tax leakage. Our knowledge of tax-favoured intellectual property regimes in various jurisdictions is combined with expertise in tax treaty planning to produce a highly tax-efficient structure tailored to each client’s specific circumstances.

Image rights are an individual’s proprietary rights in the use of their image and other unique characteristics of their personality. These rights can be of enormous financial value to celebrities such as sportspeople and actors, as well as to the businesses who would wish to use the image of such recognisable persons to market their products. We have assisted many clients with tax planning to ensure the most efficient flow of revenue from their image rights. This may include the licensing of image rights to a dedicated corporate structure capable of protecting those rights as well as tax treaty planning to minimise the burden of withholding taxes in cross-border transactions.

With a world nowadays rapidly changing and becoming more of an “E-WORLD” and with technology evolving faster than ever before, IP rights have become one of the most valuable assets of an organisation. Therefore, registering IP Rights has become not only a way to secure and safeguard the “ideas” of people but also strategically choosing a location for IP management and  IP tax residency is a must, for better results in tax optimization.

If you are in the virtue of deciding as to which jurisdiction should your IP Rights be managed and registered please take a look below for the services our firm provides:

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