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"Our commitment in technology is our future"


At ASC we have recognised the need to rethink how a law firm should work. Our vision is to provide competitive rates by employing innovative ideas from a number of other sectors to the legal field such as cloud computing, the paperless company model and business model innovation. Moreover the business model we envisage is based on horizontal instead of vertical expansion with profitable collaborations, which span globally not just locally. In defiance of conventional wisdom we view the world as one unified market place for obtaining services for which local providers will probably overcharge.

The world is transforming at unprecedented rates making flexibility and innovation indispensable assets.

ASC Law Firm is a modern commercial law firm which provides a broad spectrum of services – among them, Banking, Immigration, Corporate, Commercial Litigation, Entertainment Law, Technology and Intellectual Property Law, assisting clients both at national and international jurisdictions.

Our Clientele ranges from start-up and emerging growth businesses to major corporations with international presence (Telecommunications and Software Development Companies). Our Clients entrust us with their business and legal obligations and in return we ensure high quality, prompt response, fee transparent policies and cost-efficient services that meet the demands of the Business Globe.

Our dedication to technology paves the way for our future. We consistently allocate resources to invest in technology, software, and innovation, all aimed at enhancing the delivery of our services and ensuring optimal time-efficiency to support our clients.


Andreas S. Christoforou is the founding partner and visionary of ASC Law Firm. He is a holder of a bachelor’s LLB Law degree from University of Westminster, UK and also an LLM in International Taxation Law from University of Sydney, Australia.

Andreas is a practising lawyer registered under the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA) since 2009, an active member of the Tax Planning Committee of the CBA and a member of a number of Legal Networks worldwide.

Having worked in a major leading law firm in Cyprus, he has practised a range of services both at domestic and international level; he has gained extensive experience in many areas ranging from litigation proceedings (criminal and civil) to advanced tax planning and implementation of complex tax structures internationally. He has also advised a major Telecommunications conglomerate and has been actively involved in their Head Office relocation and administration to Cyprus.

Andreas has found his niche in the corporate and financial services sector (certified holder of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) Advanced Course on the EU Financial Services Regulatory Framework). During his career he has advised and provided support on several financial institutions and investment firms, in regards to their regulatory and licensing procedures, compliance and anti-money laundering procedures, acquisitions and restructuring and registration of electronic money and payment institutions under the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Andreas possesses extensive expertise in relocating companies to Cyprus, as well as in providing administration and legal substance solutions. Throughout his career, Andreas has utilized his directorship experience to support prominent groups of companies, offering legal guidance and acting as their trusted legal advisor in Cyprus. Additionally, he has advised these companies on how to effectively leverage the Cyprus “Company”, whether as a holding company, an intellectual-property holding company, or a tech development company.

Apart from the above, Andreas has also free time. He is a holder of an Offshore Skipper license under the Royal Yacht Association of England (RYA). He enjoys humanitarian work, as he is a founding member of the Oroma Foundation. He is also a board member of the Beach Racket Club in Ayia Napa (he plays as well). Finally, Andreas is a licensed scuba diver by PADI and he is actively participating on the European Project preventing the invasion of Lion Fish in the Mediterranean, through targeted removal techniques.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Corporate and Taxation Law
  • Set up of Family Offices
  • Banking law – With an expertise in Loan Analysis and Restructuring 
  • Intellectual Property  and Tech Law
  • Wealth Management and Trust Formation of HNWIs
  • Financial Services
  • Relocation of Tech Companies, Legal Substance Solutions and provision of Directorship services
  • Real Estate Acquisition and Structuring



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