New and Accelerated Procedure for Granting Immigration Permit in Cyprus – Category F Permit

New Accelerated Procedure for Granting Immigration Permit

The provisions of the Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations allow third country nationals to apply for Immigration permit provided that they fulfill the following criteria:

The applicant that he/she has at his/her disposal a secured minimum annual income of 30,000 Euro from sources other than employment in Cyprus. The aforementioned income should derive from sources such as salaries from outside the Republic of Cyprus, pensions, stock shares, rent etc. The necessary minimum annual income is increased by 5,000 Euro for each dependent person.  

The applicant must submit the application form accompanied by a title of ownership deed or contract of sale, of immovable property in Cyprus of a minimum market value of 300,000 Euro and proof of payment of at least 200,000 Euro. The contract should be submitted to the Department of Lands and Surveys prior to the application for the immigration Permit.  

A confirmation by a Cyprus Bank should be submitted with the application stating that the applicant has deposited the minimum annual income of 30,000 Euro in an account, which will be pledged at least for a three year period.

– The applicant must submit a clean criminal record issued by his/her Country’s Authorities.

– The applicant must submit a statement that he/she does not intent to work or be engaged in      any form of business in Cyprus.

– The applicant should visit Cyprus at least once every two years.

– Provided that all criteria are met, the period of the examination of the application shall not exceed one or two months. 

ASC’s team of experts can:

– Assist the client in preparing all necessary supporting documents in order to meet the criteria of the new procedure

– Consult and guide the client throughout the whole procedure

– Liaise with all local authorities on behalf of the client

– Submit the application

– Monitor the status of the application.